Division – Aqua Treatment
Application –  Commercial

A stunning luxury lodge that showcases all the best that New Zealand has to offer to our thriving tourism industry.

However, in spite of having spent significant money on a well-presented water treatment system, they were running out of the water and not meeting drinking water standards.

Much to their disappointment, after several failed attempts to resolve the issues, those who sold the system had walked away, leaving them without safe water.

In the interests of New Zealand’s reputation worldwide and in the health and safety of their guests, the owners of Helena Bay refused to give up. They approached Aqua and asked if we could help.

After a full review, we discovered that the equipment installed was not up to the job and an upgrade was required. We worked closely with Helena bay and re-used the current equipment with a few additions.

Happily, Helena Bay can now offer water quality to its clients to match their views.