Is my water contaminated?

Effects & Solutions of Water Contaminants

Arsenic Geothermal areas Health problems
Bacteria Septic tanks, bird and animal faeces back flushing from incorrectly connected W.C. bowls, sewage discharges Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Other waterborne disease
Boron Geothermal areas Health problems
Carbon dioxide Atmosphere and decaying vegetation Corrosion
Chemicals Backflow (suck-back) from incorrectly connected dosing equipment, cattle feeding systems, garden hoses dangling in container etc Health problems depending on the nature of chemical contaminants
Colour Decaying vegetation Appearance
Copper Dissolved from pipes or taps by aggressive water Staining, taste
Faecal material Backflow (suck-back) from incorrectly connected waste disposal equipment animal wash downs, etc Diarrhoea, Gastrointestinal infection
Hardness Dissolved rocks Soap demand Scale formation in kettles and Hot water tanks
Iron Dissolved rocks, especially in bore water Taste, Staining, Clogging of pipes and valves
Manganese Dissolved rocks Taste, Staining
Nitrates Fertilisers, clover, septic tank soakage Can cause health problems for bottle fed babies
pH Atmosphere, decaying vegetation, dissolved rocks Corrosion if too low, scale forming if too high
Protozoan cysts, e.g. Giardia Cryptosporidium Septic tanks: bird and animal faeces on roofs, in streams; sewage discharges Diarrhoea, Protozoan infection
Taste and odour Algae Unpleasant to drink, can be toxic
Turbidity Dirt Appearance (usually biologically contaminated as well)
Viruses Sewage, bird and animal faeces Gastroenteritis, other waterborne diseases

What's the solution?

Whether you're on Town or Rural supply you can use the following guide to help describe the issues or problems you are experiencing with your water, along with the best solution to rectify this. For a FREE On-Site Quote or for more information please call us on 0800 650 100 or email

PROBLEM SOLUTION Water cloudy or rusty with fine particles or sediment Sediment removal cartridge filter or Multimedia back-washable filter
Deposits in tanks, clogged valves in washing machine. Grit, leaves and sand in water Sediment removal cartridge filter or Multimedia back-washable filter
Chlorine, taste, odour, pesticides, asbestos Carbon based filter
Fluoride Reverse Osmosis, Special media cartridge filter
Aluminium, boron, chemicals, sprays, nitrate pollution, heavy metals Reverse Osmosis, Special media cartridge filter
Sea-water ingress, brackish water Reverse Osmosis
Hard water, heating element burnout, scale in kettle, difficult to get soap to lather Water Softener, Special media cartridge filter
High bacteria counts, animal or septic pollution of water supply Cartridge filtration with UV Steriliser
Red/brown manganese staining Greensand filtration
Giardia or Cryptosporidium cyst contamination Cartridge filtration with UV Steriliser
Green/blue staining, green hair, low pH, hot water cylinder corrosion, metallic taste Neutralising media filter
Bacteria or off-tastes in water tank Use Hydro Pure disinfectant solution
Iron, red/orange staining, clogging of pipes Iron Removal system