Division – Aqua Treatment
Application –  Dairy Shed

The Problem:

Mr. Dodds has a picturesque farm in the winterless north. Unfortunately after a failed water test, temporary water exclusion was interfering with daily farm life.

Quite apart from a monthly fee, there was a lot of time and hassle in treating the vats every time they were used with chlorine and no farmer likes to watch their product being poured down the drain to rinse the plant before milking. But it was necessary to prevent E.coli from contaminating the milk.

Aqua visited site and discussed the problem with Mr Dodds. A water test then confirmed the problem and showed that some iron was also present.

Aqua designed a low maintenance system for the dairy shed consisting of pre-filtration for sediment removal, iron removal and ultrafiltration membrane technology to deliver safe, E.coli free water even in a powercut.

We visit once a year to service the system, and its always great to catch up with our customer and see how they are getting on.

The farm remains fully compliant with Fonterra Dairy Shed Standards, and day to day farming is back on track, with no extra hassles.