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Are you buying a new house? Perhaps you’ve had some renovations or works completed at your property? For the ultimate peace of mind ensuring that the plumbing meets all the regulations and is in good condition, it’s best to have a licensed professional complete a plumbing inspection report.

It will be an in-depth inspection that is impossible with a self-inspection. If there is a problem, Aqua Plumber can give you an estimate of the cost of repair or replacement.


So what exactly does a plumbing inspection report consist of?

Many owners and real estate agents are not aware of underlying plumbing issues with the property, and in some cases, they are aware and best efforts are made to hide any problems. For these reasons you need experienced, unbiased professional advice.

  • Camera inspection of stormwater drains and sewer lines
  • Inspection of water lines
  • Inspection of taps (basin combination, showerheads and taps, kitchen taps, laundry taps, etc.)
  • Inspection of toilets including flexi hoses in the property for leaks or signs of corrosion
  • Inspection of hot water systems
  • Inspection of gutters and roofing
  • Many building and pest inspections do not cover plumbing in great detail, and these companies are often not liable for plumbing faults as covered in their terms & conditions.

We have corrective responses set in place

Our dedicated & experienced team of plumbing technicians is efficient at detecting faults and specialised in finding you cost-effective solutions. This team is ably supported by our dedicated office staff who live to provide customer satisfaction.


Your property and neighbouring properties and neighbouring properties may be at risk of flooding and erosion if your storm water pipes are blocked or overloaded. Excess storm water can also cause erosion and a damp home.


Reducing/managing storm water on your property will assist the council not spending tax money on upgrading facilities, which will save you in the long run

Repair & Replace

In most areas of New Zealand, storm water is not treated before it is discharged. This means there are several reasons to be concerned about the way storm water is managed


Need friendly expert help?

If you have blocked drains, or drain problems that need repairs call a Master Plumber. Your friendly and efficient Aqua Plumber is a registered plumber who will clear your blocked drain promptly, with no mess and no fuss.

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