Specialist in
Water Purification
& Filtration products

Quality water is critical for all of us. Our bodies are about 80% water and we need to drink and absorb the best quality water we can access. Aqua Plumber has a focus as a water specialist  providing quality water treatment & filtration systems. This is one of the most topical subjects in the country and Aqua Plumber is a specialist in this field.

Solutions for your
Water Supply

Looking into putting in a drinking water filter for the home? What’s more refreshing than a nice, cold, tall glass of water after a long hot day somewhere?

Once you grab that cold drink of water, you want to be sure that you’re drinking water of the best possible quality. With Aqua Plumber installing a drinking water filter for home, you can have a refreshing drink on-demand whenever you want, as pure as it can get.





We install & maintain water treatment / filtration systems

Aqua Plumber specialises in installing the best water filters systems to get the highest quality of water throughout your house.

As the installation partner of HRV water program for their range of water systems, we’ll make sure that all the water in your house is perfect for any purpose you might be using it for nationwide.

How safe is your water?

Many of today’s water treatment plants put chemicals in our water as part of their water treatment process. These can be extremely unhealthy to both your body and mind. In fact, some of these chemicals may be carcinogenic and may cause serious health issues to many. That underscores the importance of having the best water filtration system and effective water treatment and filtration systems out there. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line products made with cutting-edge materials that can help you avoid the problematic chemicals that are present in many different water sources today.