Dry & Mould Free Roofs

Poorly managed stormwater can damage your property and the wider environment.

Our team can investigate, identify, and repair roof leaks, install new roofs and replace box gutters, PVC spouting and downpipes.

If you have a leak our  team can identify and repair roof leaks, install new roofs and replace box gutters, PVC spouting and downpipes.


Roof plumbing, also called stormwater plumbing, is an aspect of roofing services that focuses on water collection on roofs. These can include downpipes, preventing the water from collecting on one’s roof, or efficient systems to collect rainwater in tanks. Roofs can easily get damaged if rainwater is not accounted for since water can weigh heavy on a roof causing sagging, breakage, and leaking. Roof plumbing is all about fixing and refining these water disposal systems.

Why does stormwater matter?

Flooding & Erosion

Your property and neighbouring properties and neighbouring properties may be at risk of flooding and erosion if your storm water pipes are blocked or overloaded. Excess storm water can also cause erosion and a damp home.


Reducing/managing storm water on your property will assist the council not spending tax money on upgrading facilities, which will save you in the long run


In most areas of New Zealand, storm water is not treated before it is discharged. This means there are several reasons to be concerned about the way storm water is managed


“Repair roof leaks as soon as you notice them”

–  One of the most important things a house must be is waterproof and the roof goes to the heart of that

Every one of our roof plumbers is industry qualified and insured for your peace of mind. They possess years of hands on experience and a wealth of knowledge, giving them the ability to solve a range of different roofing problems. No matter what your roofing problem is, our roof plumbers will provide an exceptional solution.

Collecting &
using rainwater

Rainwater can be collected and used in your garden and for other household uses such as washing your clothes and flushing the toilet. The more rainwater you collect, store, and use, the less will end up in the stormwater system.


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