Are you concerned with your Water Quality? Then talk to us today about an on-site service for one of our team to come and take water samples from your designated source of water or in some cases more than one source. In addition to this, we will conduct a needs analysis while on-site to ensure we understand your exact requirements i.e application, drinking water, commercial, flow requirements, peak flow rate etc… From the information, we can then provide an analysis of your water sample(s) and highlight any areas of concern and recommend any form of treatment or solution to rectify. If your comfortable with taking your own water sample then contact us to request one of our comprehensive DIY Water Test Kits. Our standard turnaround for this service is 5-7 Working Days from receipt of the sample(s).



Already know you have issues with your Water Quality? If you need some guidance on what the next step is to contact us today to discuss your application and requirements. Our team of specialists will help guide you to the right solution over the phone, alternatively, we will advise if a water test is required to determine the best solution possible. If you already have a current Water Test report then we can provide a recommendation based on a needs analysis to determined your requirements. As part of our Water Testing process, you will receive a written recommendation and quote including a schematic for the best solution. Our standard turnaround for this service is 5-7 Working Days from receipt of your existing water test report, plus we offer this service FREE of charge to our customers.



We offer Plumbing with a point of difference and that’s “Green at Heart” Our aim is to focus on improving the delivery of water more efficiently and sustainably and to ensure customers have access to the best Water Quality available at the same time. This includes providing Plumbing, Drainlaying, Gasfitting and maintenance services. Our Plumbers are “Dependable and Reliable” and plus receive specialised training on all our products they install providing customers with peace of mind in the overall solution we provide.



Clean Tanks and Gutters are important to your overall water quality and we see that providing these services as both essential and a natural extension to the products we provide. Blocked gutters lead to frustration when you can’t fill your tanks, especially when you need it or your water is overflowing where you don’t want it. In addition to this, your tanks accumulate a lot of unwanted debris and other nasties and over a period of time, this can lead to contamination and greatly affect the quality of your water. We provide a range of services with a point of difference, whether you want a full drain and clean or you would like to retain as much of your water as possible we can accommodate. After we’ve cleaned your Tank and Gutters we can even clean your water on-going through one of our Gutter Screen or Pre-Tank Filter products.


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