MEET PAT Modular & Custom Refill Water Station

meetpat cover girl drinking
Touchless feature

Window to water.

Our water stations are immediately identified by the unique bottle refill dispenser. The bottle rest is designed to hold an array of bottle variants and operates with a touch-free sensor to avoid cross-contamination.

Touch-free. Health first.

The health of our users is our first consideration. With touch-free technology and a range of hygienic design features, our clients have the peace of mind that they are providing a secure source of safe drinking water.

Touch Sensore

Accessible for all.

Meet PAT is designed as an advanced modular system to make drinking water accessible to everyone. Accessibility and DDA compliance features include drinking fountain arms with multiple configurations, one-handed operation, adjustable heights, and braille instructions.


Stand out visuals.

Style your water station how you like. Choose from a range of standard colours, or design your own graphics panels with your brand and messaging. Graphics panels are interchangeable so you can customise and change the look whenever required.

Add a graphic extension kit to your station so your message stands out above the crowd. Extension kits also feature a built in solar LED light for 24hr visibility.

Custom Branding on Watercooler
Clean pet water bowl

Clean pet water.

We haven’t forgotten our four-legged friends. Add a dog bowl to the base plate of your water station for fresh and clean pet water. The foot operated mechanism delivers a fresh serving of water each time, then self-cleans ensuring no stagnant water.

Live usage data.

Behind the seamless design is s mart technology giving you the complete picture of your water stations. All Meet PAT products are fitted with a LoRaWAN smart sensor that can be linked to a proprietary data management system. This allows you to record each station’s usage with practical live data to track performance and monitor usage. LoRaWAN is long-range, low-power and wireless network technology designed to make connecting your station to the internet easily.

Mobile Phone App
Permanent Watercooler

Permanent water stations.

Adjustable, expandable and accessible. Our advanced drinking fountains are constructed from industrial materials and coatings, accommodating almost any environment.

Adjustable height meets US, International and Australian DDA (Disability) compliance. Fitted with hygienic touch-free operation and advanced plumbing system.

Portable event stations.

Featuring the same touch-free technology as permanent stations, our portable refill stations are the perfect hygienic water source for events, markets and festivals. Units are lightweight and quick to setup on location. Units can join together in a series to form versatile water walls and hydration stations.

Portable event stations